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Accessibility Help

Use the accessibility options provided by this Web site to control the screen display. These options allow changing the text size and color scheme for clear visibility and better readability.

Changing the Text Size

Changing the size of the text refers to making the text appearing smaller or bigger from its standard size. The website allows you to change the text size, by clicking on the text size icons present at the top of each page.

Text Size Icons

Following different options are provided in the form of icons which are available on the top of each page:

  • Decrease text size A- Allows to decrease the text size
  • Normal text size A Allows to set default text size
  • Increase text size A+ Allows to increase the text size

Changing the Color Scheme

Note: Changing the color scheme refers to applying a suitable background and text color that ensures clear readability.

Viewing Information in Various File Formats

The information provided by this Web site is available in various formats, such as Portable Document Format (PDF), Word, and also in html format. To view the information properly, your browser needs to have the required plug-ins or software.

Document Type Plug-in for Download
Portable Document Format (PDF) files Adobe Acrobat Reader
Word files Microsoft Word Viewer 2016
Excel files Microsoft Excel Viewer 2016
PowerPoint presentations Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2016